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BIO-ACCURATE certainly is designed as per the DRDE-DRDO specs !

While most PPE kit vendors are today supplying designs which don’t meet the adequate safety standards, BIO-ACCURATE has the following features

a. Suit designed out of Laminated material – Unfortunately most suits which are sold today are designed by locally available non woven material which is mostly used for making bags and not medical wear. Its just like wearing a non woven plastic bag. Medical wear requires Virgin quality non woven laminated material with very low breathability. Non laminated material will increase breathability and porousness and would make your suit easily permeable by Virus/ Bacteria.

b. SEAM SEALING tapes applied on all seams for enhanced protection.

c. Fabric meets the right GSM specs, tensile strength & elongation percentage.

d. It has the resistance to liquid penetration & passes synthetic blood penetration test.

e. Shoe Cover is made of the same material as per the suit with elastic on the top for fitment & grip.

f. Integrated hood with elastic around the face – Some suit is selling gown type dressing which is not advisable at all.

g. Front zipper with lock slider. Zipper covered with storm flap with the provision of self-adhesive velcro. Just imagine what would happen if your zipper opens up due to any problem in front of a CORONA patient. So it ensures a double level of protection.

h. Elastic on lower leg & wrist area.

i. Minimum Seam Sealing so as to reduce the risk of any breach. Enhanced sewing technique.

j. Suit designed so that after wearing goggles and mask, no face areas are exposed.

k. Finger loops there in each sleeve to anchor the sleeve in place

Health Workers are getting infected due to faulty designs. Please make sure your vendor meets this specs.

“Virus protection suit is for one time use only”

Don’t risk lives by saving on costs.

Dispose it off as a bio hazard waste is disposed.

Sanitize your hands before and after use.

Once used in front of a COVID patient, there can be traces of virus over it. Do not touch it.

Wear it in a separate change room with 70% alcohol-based sanitizers, dust bins, Mirror.

In high risk zones, wear N95/ KN5/FFP3 grade masks to protect yourself.

Wear the dress and check in front of a full length mirror so that no body part is exposed. Take the help of your buddy if required to inspect.